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We Were Evergreen are an intoxicating group, mixing nostalgia with the fantastical whilst being delivered through joyful, eclectic arrangements that marry the organic, electric and electronic with ukuleles, xylophones and disco beats.


WWE are a band like no other. Paris meets London; English folk meets pop and disco.


To see is to hear, to hear is to see. No wonder they have been such an extraordinary live draw and have been marked out as a one to watch over numerous festival seasons. made the point – “we cannot stress enough how important it is that you see this band live”.


A band of utter ambition but unquestionable ease, their making was not the fruit of a grand plan, but more the chemistry of the trio Fabienne, William and Michael. Moving from Paris to London four years ago, their intense fusion of the French lyrical tradition sung in English, married to a very anglo-pop sensibility has created an extraordinary debut record with much more to come.


Having supported Goldfrapp, Ed Sheeran, Metronomy and Anna Calvi over the last few years, it is no wonder that WWE have become such a live draw – as the Evening Standard simply put it – “We Were Evergreen are the rarest of things: a band with something new and brilliant to offer.”


Having developed this fierce live reputation over the years, they went into the studio in 2013 knowing they wanted to push themselves musically. “We wanted to go somewhere. For five years we were trying different stuff. Now, we know where we are and what music we make and where we want to go in the future.” Working with Alt-J producer Charlie Andrew, they knew that now was the time to make tough choices: streamline and refine. Take all those ideas and instruments they’d experimented with and use only the ones that work for the vision. Moving forward.

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