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The distinguished gentlemen of The Hengles have more than earned their musical spurs in the past. The guys from Amsterdam Erwin Wolters, Maarten Heijblok, Paul van Rijswijk and Dirk Portegies played in illustrious 80s and 90s bands like Fatal Flowers, Treble Spankers, Supersub and Jack Of Hearts. Since 2015 they form The Hengles, a band specialized in the better cover work. In addition they are active, both live and in the studio, as backing band of various artists such as Julia P.

This year The Hengles have taken the next step: writing their own repertoire. Wintertime is written in the classic pop song tradition, a pure and bittersweet jingle-jangle composition. It is interspersed with influences from long gone music times and is accentuated by the heavenly sounds of pedal steel guru Roland van Beveren. And Wintertime is just a foretaste, there are many more beautiful songs to come! 

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