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Jason Kerrison (MNZM) has redesigned his career as a solo artist and hobbyist. Recently split from a long term relationship with his five times platinum selling New Zealand band Opshop,


JK’s career has spanned several decades and is awash with accolades from his home country including nine Tuis (The New Zealand Music Awards). He has several nominations for the much coveted songwriters award the APRA Silver Scroll whilst also winning one year for the gorgeous ballad and now classic kiwi tune One Day.


Not content to sit on his laureates JK has also turned his craftsmanship to writing and producing with other artists including The Babysitters Circus. With his help they became the first New Zealand group ever to hit the penultimate spot of No.2 on The Nederland’s charts with the song Everything’s Gonna Be Alright. A tune now heard in stadiums across the world as desperate teams buoy themselves with courage on the back of the rousing tune.


JK calls his new solo music ‘Eclectic stomp pop with acoustic framing and digital renderings. Produced to tickle the soul, sing to the heart and at times, shake the hips.’


“The first single I Don’t Care What They Think was written around the idea of empowering the individual to vote with their hearts and not just to follow a collectivist hive mind during election time in New Zealand whilst reflecting an everyday stroll through the day of JK. This eclectic sound is the start of the exploration of new musical frontiers for me. I’ve been in a guitar band for years and now I want to work out what those wobbly synths in the corner do as well as everything else. Its become the new hobby. I’m lovin’ it.”


I Don’t Care What They Think has been described by a fan on Soundcloud as ‘dubstep indie’ and by another as ‘good driving music’. JK aims to continue to explore more instruments and musical themes by producing an EP every 6 months or so.


He has recently released his first batch of songs on an EP called #JKEP1. #JKEP1 is currently available for free for a limited time at soundcloud.com/jason-kerrison. Jason is currently touring in North America and expects to continue his inspired journey as a lonely acoustic guitar welding digitally looping troubadour in Australasia over summer.




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