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A positive attitude can get Fish Fox far

Coming home is the TCBYML debut for producer and singer-songwriter Fish Fox from New York. His infectious electronic dance music with elements of Deep House and Tropical House comes from his humble home studio - he sings all vocals, plays all keys and his guitar "Marcus".

Coming Home is a summery pop dance tune with a positive message:
"Still being alive means that I've made the right decisions in my life, and I should be content with it..." This is the thought that came into my head one night when I was running outside in the dark. And so the lyrics "when I look at the starlight, I know that I'm alright" (which are the first words of the song) were born. It was an answer to the question of: Am I really on the right track? That idea of being content because of being alive shaped the rest of the song, and formed the main uplifting melody at the drop."

"Over the years, making music just kind of happened! I started making music on my keyboard when I was a kid and later advanced to other software to make music.


Sit back relax and get ready to dive into my unique blend of sound from my first single on This Could Be Your Music Label"

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