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If you get Mediterranean associations hearing the name ELBA, you are wrong... ELBA is an Amsterdam based electro-pop producers duo: Eelco Boonacker and Bart Engel.

With Eelco being an old punker and Bart a jazzfunker, their backgrounds could not be further apart. But Eelco and Bart share two things: passion for music and traveling. Both of them played in various bands during their teens and twenties and traveled the world independently.

In their thirties they met when they both worked at Polydor Records in the Netherlands. In those years countless different styles of music passed through their hands and after the two musical antipoles decided to agree upon the notion that there are only 2 kinds of music: "good music and bad music" their friendship was sealed.

In 2002 they started to make music together for sheer fun. No pretentions, no ambitions. Many people urged Eelco and Bart to release the music in 2004. Giving in to the social pressure "Follow the Sun" became their first album release in 2008. It’s a reflection of that time in sound and the music holds samples of sounds that Eelco and Bart recorded during their traveling.

In 2010 they released the single Lonely Time, it got them ariplay for several weeks on national radio 3FM in the Netherlands. 

For the next years they made music but did not release any of it, the result was a pile of unfinished tracks which were good....but unfinished. Then a great thing happened, many talented artists who Eelco and Bart worked with over the years heard the material, loved it and all offered their collaboration. The result are three EP's which are a collection of different styles and sounds.
It’s a non-commercial, authentic and hard to categorize collection of styles from house, to hip-hop, to jazz, to soul to dub-step made without expectations, with love for music (of both ELBA and all the collaborating artists)

The intention is for you to listen and enjoy.




Overhoeksplein 2

1031 KS Amsterdam


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