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The music of Eckhardt And The House can be best described as vintage pop. 

Eckhardt And The House is the brainchild of Rik Elstgeest known in The Netherlands as a producer for a variety of projects, his latest being Mass Electric together with his producer buddy's Bo Koek and Gerry Arling.


"Why Don't You Kids Dance" was originally written as a part of the upcoming play "The House a roadmovie with live music" but it soon turned out the song deserves a stage of it's own. Lyrics are based on a short story "Why Don't You Dance" by the American writer Raymond Carver. Gerry Arling also participated on "Why Don't You Kids Dance".


Eckhardt And The House goes international

The single Mexican Wedding by Eckhardt And The House is doing very well internationally. It is being streamed on Spotify in no fewer than 51 countries: From Andorra to Singapore and from Argentina to Taiwan. And of course in super important territories like the UK, USA, Australia, France and Germany.

Mexican Wedding is a delightful journey through cowboy country. You hear the atmosphere of the prairie, mysterious guitars, wind on a deserted plain, a mariachi band, Clint Eastwood and all sung in a duet exciting as we have not heard since Nick Cave and Kylie Minogue.

Meanwhile the track got wonderful international responses. Within 24 hours of sending out the promotional mailing, the first enthusiastic reviews from Glasgow to LA were online. It got compliments like "a modern version of Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood" and "This is one of those singles that on discovery and first listen, I keep replaying over and over" with a rating of 5+ (out of 5).

The first two singles from Eckhardt And The House did very well on radio. Debut Why Don't You Kids Dance got played for months on end at 3FM in 2014. Successor Beng Beng Beng was in 2015 on the playlist of Radio 1, Radio 2, L1 and Radio M. Enthusiastic responses came in from Japan and the United States. Additionally, the master of Understatement Pop surprised us with his Christmas single Eternity, a brilliant piece of festive season music with a wink. Besides the Netherlands, It got also picked up by Spotify Italy.

Eckhardt And The House is the project of producer, singer, drummer, dramatist and actor Rik Elstgeest. We know Rik from Kopna Kopna and Alamo Race Track, as composer and producer for Zazi and with Gerry Arling and Bo Koek as band member of Mass Electric. Mexican Wedding got vocal support from Bella Hay, daughter of Golden Earring vocalist Barry Hay.

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