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Victor Butzelaar was born and raised in Amsterdam and composes music for games and films. He also writes and records non-commisioned work which we will hear in the coming weeks. And September will bring us Drawing, his album with 22 short piano tracks. These are moody, melancholic and sometimes dreamy songs written in a period of intense happiness and intense sadness.

From 1 June every two weeks a short composition will be released as a mini-single, in which diverse emotions will cross each other's path. Victor got the inspiration for this song while "waking up Saturday morning at the dance class of two a-synchronously dancing daughters"

Victor Butzelaar about his music in general: "Making music is necessary for me to express and classify my thoughts and feelings. Eventually, it is often formed naturally, and I hope that my music arouses feelings, appeals to emotions, evokes memories. I do not care at all whether you have the same thoughts as I do or if your thoughts are completely lost, that happens to me too :-)"

© 2021 commissioned by TCBYML

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