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Touki Delphine - Kitchen Ballads

The Kitchen Ballads project is a collaboration between Touki Delphine (Eckhardt And The House, Sheila And The Kit, Kopna Kopna) and soprano Bernadeta Astari (winner of the Dutch Classical Talent award). This party forms a tasteful chamber music orchestra with the help of electronical instruments, kitchen machines and simple cookware.

Tango Aliado - Tango Musette

Get acquainted with Tango Aliado
The members of the quartet, all professional musicians, undertook a journey of discovery into the works of the renowned Astor Piazzolla and other past masters of the tango, including Carlos Gardel, Aníbal Troilo and Horacio Salgán. Tango Aliado’s repertoire includes many self-made arrangements of these breathtaking compositions.

Tango Musette is the first single taken from the upcoming album El Compás. It is an original tango waltz written by the quartet's bandoneon player Gert Wantenaar.
Get ready to be sweapt of your feet and waltz the night away!


Victor Butzelaar - The Wayfaring Monks

Presumed lost game music found
For decades it has been rumored that there was a never finished computer game from the early 80s of the last century that should have become an instant classic and break all records. After Pac Man and Donkey Kong, The Traveling Monks - The Wayfaring Monks (part one) was supposed to become the new big hit in the computer games world. Now after all these years, the music and artwork of the game have been retrieved.

This Could Be Your Music Label has the honor to release the 8 bit game music from the game The Traveling Monks.

Victor Butzelaar - Travel Light

This Could Be Your Music Label has the honor to release the 8 bit game music from the game The Traveling Monks, starting with opening track Travel Light.

Victor Butzelaar - Drawing

After releasing 9 singles this summer, the full length album Drawing with 22 short piano tracks is here.

These are subdued, melancholic and sometimes dreamy songs written in a period of intense happiness and intense sadness. You can here diverse emotions crossing each other's path. Many of the tracks have a slightly dark edge to them, often (unconsciously) guided by Victor's two and a half year stay in Darfur, Sudan.

Victor Butzelaar - Farewell

Victor Butzelaar was born and raised in Amsterdam and composes music for games and movies. He also makes non-commissioned work which we will hear this summer. Every two weeks a short composition will be released as a mini-single, in which diverse emotions will cross each other's path. The first one is Farewell, of which Victor says: "A farewell song that offers you consolation, it is not goodbye forever." Think Nils Frahm, Goldmund en Chilly Gonzales.

Frederic Voorn - Voorn Plays Voorn

This album is dedicated to Frederic Voorn’s own piano compositions. These pieces, performed by himself, were written between 2005 and 2016.

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Frederic Voorn - Haydn Sonates

There are five sonatas by Joseph Haydn, written between 1765 and 1776. These sonatas are very different by nature – from intimate to extremely brilliant – and they give evidence of Haydn’s versitality.

Fredric Voorn - The Art of the Nocturne

The Art of the Nocturne is an anthology of this genre of the night. The Nocturne was introduced as a piano piece by John Field and made famous by  Frédéric Chopin. Field lived for a long time in Saint-Petersburg and there he influenced several Russian composers. Chopin lived in Parijs and influenced the French. On this album there are nocturnes played by Field and Chopin, and also by six Russian and six French composers.

Frederic Voorn - Music Box

Music Box is a small anthology of three centuries of piano music. This album consists of well and lesser known miniatures from the piano literature: from Johann Sebastian Bach to the Sarabande by Frederic Voorn.

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