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I Wanna Be Your Dog


Poetry? You Call This Poetry!


The Music We've Been Waiting To Hear. There's A Riot Going On. Real Cool Time. So You Wanna Be A Rock 'n' Roll Star. You've Should Have Never Have Opened That Door.


The Worlds Forgotten Boys.


You Pretty Face Is Going To Hell. Real Cool Time. Raw Power. Why don't We Call It Punk! Blitzkrieg Bop. London Calling. Who Said It's Good To Be Alive? Anarchy In The UK. Born To Lose. Sonic Reducer. 


How Punk Became New Wave Became The 80's.


Sniffin' Glue Never Writes Down To Yer. In The Sixties, When Times Were Good. Holding His White Stratocaster, Striding Swiftly, Pantherishly Towards The Backstage Ramp. 


Our Band Could Be Your Life.


It Was A Musical Revolution That Happened Right Under The Nose Of The Reagan Eighties. 


















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